Design Your Moment of Truth

We all are customers for several brands, and what we experience in each interaction really matters for our loyalty to and repurchase from that brand.

Brands can not take the chance for any coincidence to keep their customers loyal. They should design and deliver deliberate interactions with the customers.

Tinderbox Technologies helps companies to excel their customer experience strategy and design customer journeys for several channels, such as digital platforms, contact center and retail stores, in result to identify the most feasible solutions to deliver the best possible experience with the highest premium.

Facilitating service design workshops with your employees in which people from different departments generates customer-centred ideas and co-creates what is next for the revenue growth or the business expansion your company is aiming.


I am absolutely thrilled to be judging at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2019. It is a pleasure to be involved as part of the judging panel.

Customer X Strategy

I help you engage with your customers through impactful interactions.Learn More

Customer Journey Mapping

I can help you transform your customer interactions through the touchpoints.Learn More

Idea Generation & Innovation

I help you bust out of siloed design practices within your organisation, faciliating creatively and collaboratively to generate innovative ideas.Learn More


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