My Approach

I recommend all brands -small or large - to focus on their moments of truth. No matter how your pricing is competitive, or your product is superior, the main objective should be creating the best possible interaction with the customer.

I utilise some of the mainstream methods in my business:

  • Focus on your touchpoints' employee experiences first to analyse how they serve your customers
  • Incorporate the head office mindset with touchpoints
  • Build simple and effortless customer journeys
  • Create exceptional digital fixes to human problems
  • Dwell into the cost-effective solutions by using limited resources for the optimal result

My Story

I earned my career working in a variety of departments for the leading digital operator, Turkcell (BİST: TCELL, NYSE: TKC), which has the rank of #1744 in Forbes Global 2000, in Turkey for almost 15 years.

I had several roles in marketing, especially in CRM, as well as customer experience. By separating the function of customer experience from consumer marketing, I chose to concentrate on customer experience to understand consumer behaviour more.

I got my expertise in building digital customer touchpoints, including mobile apps, AI-based chatbots and social media interaction tools, and managing company-wide customer-centric initiatives and employee retention programmes.

I am also a servant leader to my team. I have posts and seminars about this special subject.

I recently moved to London and established my own start-up, Tinderbox Technologies, to excel customer experience practices in consumer-serving industries.

Key Competencies


CX Evangelist

My principles in CX:

Emotions matter all.

Context is a critical mass.

Content is the loyalty driver.


Business Catalyst

I believe that the biggest danger of a fast-growing company is a siloed thinking within an organisation. Customer centricity, innovation and operational excellence can only be possible by a holistic approach. I am ready to find out and bust any silos in your organisation.


Unconventional Thinker

The world offers various opportunities to discover possibilities for innovation and advancement.

I am highly eager to connect the dots among different subjects. For instance, building a cost-effective model in customer interactions derived from a popular diet. Why not?

Next Steps...

If you've got an idea to discuss, or want to know more about Tinderbox Technologies, I'd love to hear from you.